Flu 2020

Beat Flu - Bookings Now Available

Beat Flu - Gives lots of up to date information about the flu vaccination and who is eligble.


Age 50 + or at risk?

If you are age 50 and over, or in an at risk group (unsure- see Beat Flu above), pregnant, or a carer, appointments are  available to book your flu vaccination.

Please phone the surgery on 01446 772383 to book your appointment ASAP.


Why you should have a flu vaccine this  year.

From 1st December 2020, everyone aged 50 to 64 in Wales is eligible for a free NHS  flu vaccine at their GP surgery. This includes those who will  reach the age of 50 before 31st March 2021.

Flu can be serious for some people, and as we get older our risks of complications if  we catch flu increase. This winter, flu and COVID-19 (coronavirus) are likely to both  be in circulation, so it is especially important that as many people as possible have a  flu vaccine to protect themselves.

Annual flu vaccination is one of the best ways to protect against catching or spreading  flu. To help protect more people from flu this year, additional groups are now eligible  for a free NHS flu vaccine -this includes everyone aged 50-64.

Demand for flu vaccination has been high this year, but additional flu vaccines were  ordered for Wales and these extra flu vaccines are now available. This means that  people in this age group can now have a free NHS flu vaccine.

Additional infection prevention and control measures are taking place in GP surgeries to help keep people safe.

Find out more at www.beatflu.org