General Information

Here at the Western Vale Family Practice we have undertaken vasectomies, on behalf of the Cardiff and Vale Health Board, for over 10 years. Patients are referred from their GP surgery to a central hub based in Pontypridd, and those living in the west of Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, Dinas Powys and the Vale of Glamorgan are allocated to us here. If you have been allocated to us you will receive a invitation letter to start the process and arrange a suitable date for your operation.

We undertake the non-scalpel vasectomy operation under local anaesthetic, which is a minimally traumatic procedure and the technique recommended by the Royal College of Surgeons. The procedure normally takes around 20-30 minutes and patients are able to go home immediately after the operation. After 48hrs of rest, in the vast majority of cases, patients are able to return to work and a normal lifestyle, although many hold off on undertaking strenuous exercise for a week. Before the operation, patients must be fully informed about the procedure and consent to the surgery and the implications for permanent sterility.

This video, although not exactly the same in every minor detail as the procedure undertaken here in the Western Vale Family Practice, gives a clear explanation of the procedure. If you have been referred for a vasectomy with us please also watch the instructional video below and complete the online consent form.

Booking Your Vasectomy

If you have been referred by your GP and received a letter from us inviting you for a vasectomy please follow these stages to ensure you get your operation quickly and safely.

Stage 1: It is a requirement that you watch the video produced by Mr Simon Davies, the operating surgeon, on the risks and benefits of the operation, the technique used, and the before-and-after operation instructions. This will fully inform you of the operative procedure and allow you to sign the consent form understanding the risks and benefits of the procedure and the implications of permanent sterilisation.

Stage 2: If you are happy to proceed please complete the electronic consent form.

Stage 3: Phone the surgery on 01446 777014 to book a telephone consultation with Mr Simon Davies, the surgeon, to discuss the operation, ask any personal or practical questions about the procedure and book a date and time for your operation.

Stage 3: Book Telephone Consultation 01446 777014