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For general Covid vaccine information please visit: COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programme - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (

Western Vale Family Practice are not providing Autumn Covid Boosters, if you are eligible, you will be contacted by the Cardiff and Vale Mass Vaccination Centre with an appointment.

If you have any queries regarding Covid vacination please contact the Cardiff and Vale UHB vaccination line on 029 21 841234 or by e-mailing 


COVID-19 antiviral and antibody treatments

Some people are now eligible to receive antiviral and antibody treatments for NHS patients at greater risk from severe COVID-19.

There are 2 ways in which you can receive antiviral treatments:

• as part of your standard care if you are at highest risk of severe COVID-19 and extremely vulnerable

• through a UK wide antiviral study called PANORAMIC available to COVID-19 positive patients over 50 or 18-49 with underlying health conditions

Antivirals will be used alongside the vaccine, which still remains our most effective tool.

To find out whether you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments or participation in a UK-wide antiviral study visit

Please do not contact the Practice as we cannot initiate this treatment.


Covid Pass

You can get an NHS COVID Pass if you are aged 16 or over and:

  • you were vaccinated in Wales or England
  • you are not vaccinated but want to use the pass to show a negative lateral flow test result 

 To access your Covid Pass please follow this link

Call 0300 303 5667 to request a COVID Pass if you are unable to use the digital NHS COVID Pass or would like a bilingual certificate.

If you  any queries  regarding your vaccine record, certification and any inconsistencies or errors, please contact:

Welsh Covid Vaccine Certification Service

Telephone: 0300 3035667 

Please do not contact the surgery as we cannot provide you with the necessary certification. 


Covid Passes

Covid passes draw information from the patient’s GP record, so you must be correctly permanently registered with a GP in order to obtain a Covid pass. Vaccines administered abroad (including Scotland and Ireland) will not appear on the Welsh Covid Pass. In cases where a patient has received 1 or more doses abroad, please contact

Vaccines administered in England should now appear on a citizen’s Welsh medical record. For cases where 1 or more doses are not appearing, please contact

If patients would like to request a paper copy of their Covid vaccine record, please contact 0300 303 6667.  

If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons - There are a few reasons why someone cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons.

These include:

  • severe allergies to all available vaccines
  • a previous adverse reaction to a vaccine
  • learning disabilities, autism or a combination of impairments

If any of these reasons apply to you, you can get a domestic NHS COVID Pass because of your situation. This will enable you to use the domestic NHS COVID Pass wherever you need to prove your COVID-19 status.

You cannot use the domestic NHS COVID Pass exemption for travel abroad.  





If you would like further information regarding the mass vaccination programme see:

Programme Information - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (

Or, contact the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board COVID Vaccination queries line - 029 21 841234 or email 

Please do not call the surgery, in order for us to keep our lines free for urgent healthcare problems.



Advice & Information


Welsh Government website

Includes frequently asked questions.




If you are worried about symptoms of Coronavirus you should:

  • Only call 111 or the Practice if the symptom checker advises you to
  • If your symptoms do not improve after 7 days, or your symptoms deteriorate, please telephone the Practice during opening hours or 111 when we are closed.
  • Contact 999 for all Medical Emergencies.

Please do not attend your GP surgery, community pharmacy, or A&E department if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, to continue to stop the spread of infection.



Recovering from Covid

Whether you are recovering from COVID-19 after spending time in hospital or being isolated at home, or if you have been unable to access care and support for your health condition during lockdown, the following information gives guidance on how you can manage your recovery, understand and identify the side-effects, and know when you should access further support.


Further information can be found on the Welsh Government guidance website.