Joint or Muscle Problem

New Joint Problem

If you have a new muscle or joint problem why not book an appointment with our community based physiotherapy team rather than with a doctor. Our team of experienced physiotherapists are available daily to see and advise on all muscular and joint problems in adults.

They can diagnose your joint or muscle problem and if necessary organise referrals, x-rays, scans and joint injection appointments. With appointments avaiable every day, please contact the Practice

Ongoing Joint Problem

You can now access physiotherapy for a previously diagnosed problem without seeing a doctor. To self-refer yourself to a physiotherapist either call 02920 335717 or click on the link below to complete the self referral form.

Self-referral to physiotherapy

Joint Injection Request

The injection of steroid into a joint or soft tissue can provide significant symptomatic relief allowing for increased exercise and rehabilitation. There are, however, some restrictions and complications from steroid injections and so they are rarely the first treatment of choice and should be used in conjection with a rehabilitation program. 

As a specialist service (not part of core general practice work) it is only undertaken by additionally trained members of the medical team so not every doctor in the surgery can provide the service.

If a joint injection has been recommended or you have had an injection over 3 months ago with good success and you would like it repeated please contact the surgery.